How I fixed my phone

The iPhone is the creation of Apple. It features a touch screen through which you perform various functions; for example making calls, sending text messages, going through different applications installed in your iPhone, etc. However, the screen is sensitive and prone to damage.

If you drop your phone or mishandle it, the screen may crack. If that happens, it doesn’t mean your phone is completely damaged; you can get your iPhone screen replacement. You can either get it done from an Apple Store or do it yourself at home.

Below are the 12 steps to how to fix iPhone screen:

1. Switch off your iPhone. On the top of your phone’s casing is a small hole which is pressed to open the sim card slot. Insert and push a paper clip into that hole till the time when the sim card drives out of the slot. Take it out and keep it on a side. Close the sim card holder.

2. With the help of a Phillips screwdriver, remove or dismantle the 2 screws that are placed at the bottom of your iPhone.

3. There is a seam between the screen and the main body of an iPhone. It is found on the top of the button €home’. By using a pry tool, open the screen and separate it from the main body. This will reveal the connectors. Do not, however, take it out altogether.

4. While using the pry tool, remove the 2 connecting wires and flip up the white latch. Then remove the ribbon that is connected to the base.

5. Now with the help of tweezers, remove the two black tape strips from the right and left screen sides.

6. Take out the five screws that hold the LCD assembly and the screen frame together. Do that by using the screwdriver.

7. Pull away the screen frame from the LCD assembly by inserting the pry tool between them.

8. Then, carefully use a knife to remove the cracked or damaged screen from the screen frame. Clean any adhesive that is leftover by rubbing it with a cloth and alcohol.

9. Attach the new replacement screen’s adhesive strips to the screen frame of the phone. Fix the new screen in place.

10. Repeat the same procedure in reverse order to successfully put the iPhone back together after you fix iPhone screen has been placed.

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Whitening my teeth

Most of us aren’t getting that smile we’ve dreamed of from our teeth. Our smile can be adversely affected by our consumption red wine, tea and coffee and there are even those who just were not blessed with pearly white teeth.

You have probably considered whitening your teeth if they aren’t quite as gleaming as you would like. Age can also be a reason your teeth are discolored. A whiter smile can actually make you appear years younger.

When you decide to whiten your teeth, you should see your dentist to assist in the process. The dentist will make a cast of both your lower and your upper teeth. Then it gets shipped out to a laboratory.

A cast representing your teeth will be constructed from the models while they are at the dental laboratory. Using this cast, a tray is fabricated using a plastic material. Once the trays are finished, they are returned to the dentist.

The dentist will demonstrate the proper method of putting the trays in your mouth and offer suggestions on the manner of using the kit. It’s as simple as applying whitening gel with the provided syringes into the mold on each teeth you want whitened. You insert the trays into your mouth at bedtime and sleep all night with them in place.

They keep doing this until the wished for level of whitening is achieved. In general, patients see results literally overnight; but the treatments can continue from two to three weeks. Some patients have tetracycline discoloration or fleurosis in the rare situation; these take longer term remedies of as long as two to six months.

It’s recommended to wait at least two weeks after whitening, if you need to get any restorative work done, so the color has time to stabilize. Normally, the process does not have to be repeated. A lot of research went into the longevity of whitening, and people are very happy their teeth remain white for year after year.

There are patients that complain about a little sensitivity at the beginning or while the treatment is ongoing. This is usually tolerable, and stops when the treatments are finished. Sensodyne toothpaste really helps to sooth this problem.

In addition to going to see your dentist for this whitening procedure, additional over the counter products are on the market, and they are considered to be extremely safe. Unfortunately, these products results are debatable. In most cases, these over the counter products will not yield a great change in tooth shade, although you could see a little reduction of the stains and perhaps a very small amount of teeth whitening.

If you are going to try an at-home product, try one with mouth trays you can mold to your particular mouth, or plastic strips. The downside is that both of these types of kits are very expensive, although they will likely yield a personalized fit.

People that whiten their teeth need to keep away from substances that will stain for at least two weeks. Cigarettes, coffee, tea, and red wine are known to stain teeth. You should contact your dentist if your gums become very irritated, if your teeth become very sensitive, or you experience extreme pain.

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